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2022 - The Pantograph Punch Issue #7: AROHA (as Guest Editor)
“Fat people, we are desirable”, The Spinoff 
2018 -Runway Issue #38 Spectacle (as Guest Editor)
"Eric Bridgeman: KALA BÜNG (Colours join together)", Art Almanac Australia
"Yukari Kaihori; The Emotional Landscape", Hainamana, NZ
"The quiet need no defence", Un Projects 12.1, AU
"Waiting for love in library aisles", Enjoy Gallery Occasional Journal, NZ
"Times I was Particularly Undesirable", Runway Australian Experimental Art Issue #34, AU
2016 - "Why Australian institutions need indigenous gatekeepers" - Runway Australian Experimental Art Issue #30, AU
2015 - "Digital Consequences" - Review of Louise Bennett's exhibition White Noise - Eyecontact, NZ
"Lonnie Hutchinson's Black Bird Survey" - Eyecontact, NZ
2014 - "Something is Wrong With This Picture", Eyecontact, NZ
Invisible Bodies Part 1-3 (2016), Hashtag500words, NZ

2023 - Artist Profile & Pacific Materiality opinion piece, Untitled Pacific Book Project - upcoming 2023
2022 - "Rupturing the 'other': on SaVĀge K'Lub at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Marinade Jounal, edited by Ioana Gordon Smith and Dr. Lana Lopesi - upcoming 2023
Legacies project, edited by Dr.Lana Lopesi - upcoming 2023
2019 - "(re-a)Wakening Sleeping Giants", Unofficial Histories journal, edited by Ioana Gordon Smith and Dr. Lana Lopesi
Untitled text for More than all the ocean between us, an exhibition curated by Talia Smith, Artspace Sydney, AU
"I am for an art" on Julian Rosefeldt's Manifesto. Hamster Aotearoa Review Anthology. The Physics Room, NZ
2018 - "I used to live here", for DIRT cookbook by Plant Magic, NZ (upcoming)
"Love letter to the actor Cody Fern", for A Listening Event, in conjunction with Hana Pera Aoake's exhibition Body Fluids are Poetic, not slime but nectar, Window Gallery, NZ
"Batshit", for the Heartache Festival, curated by Ali Burns and Hana Pera Aoake, NZ
"Manuscript for a book about how alone I am", for exhibition If You Miss Me, Let Me Know, Meanwhile Gallery, NZ
"Skins and Smirnoff Blacks", Shopgirl, Shaky Hands, NZ
2017 - "Wild Thoughts", He aha e tangi te kainga rite? / What sounds like home?, RM presents a response by Uniform
"You Can't Promenade Alone" publication as editor/writer, accompaniment for In The Flesh exhibition at Blue Oyster
"Wish You Were Here", Femisphere Vol 1, edited by Judith Darragh & Imogen Taylor
On the work of PJ Paterson - Sanderson Gallery, Auckland NZ
On the work of Ngahuia Harrison, Blue Oyster Annual 2016
"Applying intersectionality to New Zealand arts criticism", Matters Aotearoa Journal 7, NZ
Text on the work of Neil Pardington, Take that which has passed (curated & edited by Louise Rutledge), Toi Poneke Arts Centre
2015 - their world was anything but tiny, co-editor, produced for Studio One Toi Tu & Tautai Contemporary Arts Trust
2014 - Lead Us Outside, Lead Us Out Quietly, accompanying publication for Talia Smith's exhibition of the same name, Enjoy Gallery
2013 - by another name, Artspace, edited by Ioana Gordon-Smith



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